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Know the least expensive calling plan for you.

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  • CallSense rate plan comparison software for Windows

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We put together a set of simple web pages with screen shots to show you what is in the CallSense software.


CallSense software for Windows is the most accurate and complete way to compare, select, and use the best, least-expensive, domestic long distance calling plan for you.  Each domestic calling plan within CallSense is paired with a no monthly fee international plan option.

Trusting your long distance calling plan comparisons to web sites that estimate or rush comparisons, or that do not accurately calculate a single true cost comparison value for all of your long distance calls, can lead you into spending up to 400% more on your long distance phone bills.  That can mean that you can overpay by hundreds or thousands of dollars each year because that web site told you that two long distance calling plans were nearly equivalent, when in fact they were not.  Yes, that web site may be free for you to use, but it may actually cost you a fortune each year in missed savings.

Anytime you see a long distance comparison solution that tells you to enter "day minutes", "evening minutes", "weekend minutes", ..., you are getting an estimated comparison that may be off by up to 400% or more.

CallSense software takes the time to accurately calculate true cost comparisons for you.  Yes, it sometimes may take minutes for CallSense to accurately calculate true cost comparisons for all of your long distance phone calls; but when CallSense is done calculating the true cost comparisons, you will know the least expensive calling plan for you: in-state long distance, state-to-state, and international.

With CallSense software, when you compare long distance calling plans you do not have to think about percentages, rates, promotions, surcharges, deceptive advertising, pricing games, etc.; but rather, you simply enter your calls, and CallSense does the rest for you.  CallSense levels the playing field for you.

CallSense software automatically calculates accurate true cost comparisons that will show you exact comparisons based exactly on how you actually use your phone.

Calling Plans

CallSense software includes most of the current calling plans offered by AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.

CallSense includes calling plan options with monthly fees so that you can do accurate comparisons.  CallSense does not use the short-term promotional (teaser) rates that most of the phone companies advertise, but rather the standard rates that you will have when the promotional rates expire, which could be tomorrow.

The current CallSense release has rates for calls from the 50 U.S. States to other U.S. States and to 58 countries.

Easy Everyone can use CallSense software.  You just enter your calls, select which calling plans you want to compare, and CallSense does the rest for you.  CallSense automatically calculates the true cost comparisons for you.

"True Cost" Comparisons

Accurate to the Penny

Accurate to the Second


CallSense software is the first consumer software that can accurately compare residential long distance calling plans down to the penny.

CallSense software is able to accurately compare all of the costs that vary by phone company (true cost comparisons): call charges, call surcharges, minimum call charges, minimum billing period charges, monthly charges, Universal Service Fund charges, discounts, promotions, free minutes, hidden charges, fine print, and more.

CallSense software doesn't simply throw calling plan information at you, or calculate inaccurate estimates, but rather it accurately calculates true cost comparisons based exactly on how you use your phone to enable you to easily and accurately compare long distance calling plans.

CallSense software accomplishes this by accurately simulating the billing and account management systems used by the phone companies on your personal computer.

CallSense enables you to accurately compare approximately 50 of the most popular calling plans, dial around numbers, and prepaid phone cards.


All Calls

One Call

Your Next Call

Current Call

CallSense software enables you to easily

  • compare all of your long distance phone calls from one or more phone bills, and future calls you expect to make

  • compare just one call

  • compare your next call before you make it

    • this enables you decide for each call whether or not to use a calling plan, a dial around number, or a prepaid phone card

  • compare your current call while while you are still on the phone

    • now you can know how much you are saving, or could be saving, even behind you hang up

  • know how much your current call is costing you while you are still on the phone, assuming of course that your calling plan, dial around number, or prepaid card is in the CallSense database

Know the least expensive way to make each call before you call For each long distance call, CallSense software enables you to accurately compare six of the most popular dial around numbers.  Before using a dial around number, please review the CallSense help system for more information on dial around numbers and the potential gotchas in using dial around numbers.
Help System The CallSense software help system includes information on how to use the product, an explanation of long distance terms, valuable insight and information on how to get the best long distance value, and more.

There is long distance calling plan comparison insight within the CallSense help system that is not available anywhere else because it is based on our original research and expertise.

100% Privacy With CallSense software, you do not have to disclose your calling patterns to third parties.  When you use CallSense, all entered calls are stored in a personal database that resides on your personal computer's hard drive; and all comparison calculations, and what you do with the product are all done on your personal computer.

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows

Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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